Angraecum eburneum: The Tall, White, and Green Orchid of Strong Perfume

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Angraecum eburneum is a tall, white and green orchid. This stunning orchid can grow up to 2 metres tall and bears white flowers with green markings. This orchid is also known for its strong, pleasant scent at night. It is a popular choice among greenhouse growers. This orchid needs high hygrometry so it should only be grown in a heated greenhouse.


Angraecum Eburneum can be described as a monopodial, lithophytic, or epiphytic, monopodial orchid. It does not have pseudobulbs. It can grow to more than 1 m in height, and sometimes to 2 m. The petiole can be up to 1.3m long and 25mm wide. It is covered by the leaf base. The leaf is leathery, liguled and bilobed.

Each shoot can have up to 15 leaves. The length and width of the leaf can reach up to 60cm. Inflorescences are terminal panicles that can grow up to 80cm long and contain many white flowers. It can grow to three cm in diameter and has a greenish-white labellum. Angraecum Eburneum can be found in Madagascar, Comoros, and other countries. It blooms between May and June. Angraecum eburneum: The Tall, White, and Green Orchid of Strong Perfume

Angraecum eburneum: The Tall, White, and Green Orchid of Strong Perfume

The inflorescence stands approximately 45 cm tall and droops. It can sometimes wear up to 30 flowers. The height of the flower is 7.5 cm. It has bright green and white petals. They emit a pleasant, strong scent at night. The flowering season lasts for several months and takes place in autumn. Angraecum Eburneum is a Madagascar native. Jean Baptiste Lamark described it in 1788. The name Angraecum eburneum refers to Madagascar, where Pierre Sonnerat found it during his 1776-1781 voyage aboard the ship La Boudeuse.

Latin “eburneus”, which means “of ivory”, is the specific epithet for this flower. This orchid is common in its natural habitat, and it blooms abundantly. It can be grown in both pots and mounted on cork, tree fern slabs or other light-weight substrates.

Angraecum, also known as the comet orchid or Angraecum eburneum is a unique and beautiful flower that is found in Madagascar, Comoros and Seychelles.

The comet orchid is not like other flowers. It doesn’t rely on other pollinators or bees for reproduction. The long, tail-like structure encourages bats to visit the flower in search of nectar. The pollen from the comet orchid is then transferred into other flowers, which ensures that the species can thrive.

The unique reproductive strategy of the comet orchid is not only remarkable, but so is its striking appearance. Its white petals and long tail resemble a shooting star, which is why it is commonly called the comet orchid. The comet orchid is a stunning sight with its elegant lines and delicate flowers.

Take care

The orchid genus Care requirements are: Potting the plant in a mix of 2/3 bark and 1/3 cocopeat substrate in a clay pot is recommended (since the plant is heavy and large).

To flower, the orchid requires a lot of light. It should be kept at 16-28 degrees Celsius. The minimum hygrometry is 80%. Watering should be done frequently enough to keep the substrate moist. Orchid fertilizer should be added at every watering, and at least twice a week in winter.

To disturb roots as much as possible, repotting should be done every 3-4 year. This genus of orchids will blossom prolifically if it is taken care of properly.


Angorchis eburnea. Angraecum eburneum var. eburneum, Angraecum eburneum var. virens, Angraecum virens, Limodorum eburneum


Madagascar, Comoros, Seychelles, Reunion, Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania


Angraecum: angrek or angurek is a Malay term for orchid.
Eburneum is derived from Latin eburneus (“from ivory, white like ivory”)

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