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Category: Orchid

  • Rhynchostylis Retusa

    Rhynchostylis Retusa

    The Rhynchostylis retusa, also known by the Philippine Orchid is a fragrant and beautiful flower that is native to Southeast Asia. The flowers are usually white with a pink-purple hue and are arranged on the stem in a spiral design. They can reach up to 6 inches in size. Because of its unique appearance and pleasant aroma,…

  • Thelymitra Longifolia

    Thelymitra Longifolia

    Thelymitra Longifolia, a native Australian species of orchid, is one example. It can grow to between 30-60 cm in height and has bright yellow flowers with orange markings. Thelymitra langeifolia is drought-tolerant and can be found in areas where wildfires are likely to occur. It is also known for its resistance to salt spray, which…

  • Angraecum eburneum: The Tall, White, and Green Orchid of Strong Perfume

    Angraecum eburneum is a tall, white and green orchid. This stunning orchid can grow up to 2 metres tall and bears white flowers with green markings. This orchid is also known for its strong, pleasant scent at night. It is a popular choice among greenhouse growers. This orchid needs high hygrometry so it should only…